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      About Us   

         WEILIYA  is a global professional manufacturer of automatic control valve. Which was established in 2016, by a group of engineers who have decades of experience of automatic control valve developing.
         WEILIYA  market area include China, Most parts of Asia, North America Europe, South Africa.etc.
         We have been keeping developed new products to meet customer’s tough requirements; and improved the quality of each products.
        Our target is our products cover all over the world.


    ADD:Yanghe Road, Jiangbeistreet, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China  

    Tel:+86-577-67376921   Fax:+86-577-67356921     website:www.taikaimei.com.cn     Email:342975299@qq.com

    咨詢郵箱:valia_valve@163.com  傳真號碼:0577-67356921    郵編號碼:325105


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